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Tree Automata Techniques and Applications

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The two first chapters contain the basics on Tree Automata theory for finite ordered ranked trees. Chapter 3 shows connections between Logic and Tree Automata. Chapter 4 presents Automata with Constraints. Chapter 5 presents Automata for Sets of Tree Languages. Chapter 6 gives the basics on Tree Transducers. Chapter 7 presents Alternating Tree Automata. Chapter 8 is about automata for unranked trees.

Tata: the future

We know that the book currently covers only few aspects of tree automata. A new chapter covering Automata for unordered trees and more generally tree automata for trees modulo equational theories is scheduled. We welcome submissions of additional chapters investigating other aspects of tree automata. We believe it is important to keep the homogeneity of the book, which should not be a collection of chapters. Hence submissions should be consistent with previous chapters. They will be reviewed by the current authors. If you wish to contribute, please send a message to tata-discuss@lists.gforge.inria.fr.

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Hubert Comon Max Dauchet Remi Gilleron
Florent Jacquemard Denis Lugiez Christof Löding
Sophie Tison Marc Tommasi

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